Instantly create a virtual charitable foundation to start, manage, and report your company's corporate social responsibility.

positive impact matters


of workers plan to leave their current employers within the next 2 years

—  Name, Title

positive impact matters


of consumers will use social impact metrics to make purchasing decisions

for sales & marketing

—  Name, Title

how it works's core app centralizes the 3 most important components of a corporate social responsibility program and what matters most to non-profits.


Set and manage Volunteer Time Off (VTO) hours for each employee.


Empower your employees to connect with causes they care about and/or leverage their unique skills for a charity that needs it.


Match donations made by your employees, distribute grants, provide sponsorships, supply product, offer services, and create discounts for non-profits from your company.

one platform. unlimited solutions

We've created to support companies of all sizes and shapes out of the box. However, we know that our functionality can serve needs in several other ways as well. We have created configurations specifically to address the hurdles you face when considering impact expansion.

Anyone can be a hero. 

 We want to support & provide the latest in technology, philanthropy, & diversity

to help companies empower their employees. Through charitable acts, we can 

better connect employees to their company and to their communities. 

Our Belief at partners

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Our Mission:

To reshape corporate culture through technology that helps companies contribute to making their communities a better place.


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