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We built the company for us... and then decided we would share it with you.

Joshua Driver


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Selfless.ly began as an idea back in 2015 when Joshua had started his own non-profit and struggled to make it sustainable by conventional methods of fundraising.

In 2017, after winning the Techpoint MIRA Community Champion of the Year Award - the City of Indianapolis asked him to create the first version of the platform to be used for the "It's My City" Campaign and Indy Do Day.

We have spent the last few years learning about the barriers that prevent more companies from growing their social impact programs and we have designed a tech platform with associated services to help make more charities become sustainable.

selfless.ly inc.

Our Mission:

To reshape corporate culture through technology that helps companies contribute to making their communities a better place.


525 S. Meridian St.

c/o Launch Indy

Indianapolis, IN 46225

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