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We did not build to be, "just another app." We want to make significant impact for our customers and causes we all care about. is offering a Launch Program that offers a discount on our product and services, plus extra resources to help get you started. We work with you individually to curate the right mix of options and programs to develop a quality corporate social responsibility program for your brand and employees. 

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how it works's core app centralizes the 3 most important components of a corporate social responsibility program and what matters most to non-profits.


Set and manage Volunteer Time Off (VTO) hours for each employee.


Empower your employees to connect with causes they care about and/or leverage their unique skills for a charity that needs it.


Match donations made by your employees, distribute grants, provide sponsorships, supply product, offer services, and create discounts for non-profits from your company. inc.

Our Mission:

To reshape corporate culture through technology that helps companies contribute to making their communities a better place.


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